Tim-bor Professional Insecticide | Timbor Termiticide & Fungicide

Tim-Bor Professional -
Efficient & Economical Solution to Structure Pests & Wood Decay

Tim-Bor Professional


1. Tim-bor is water-soluble borate powder that works as
a dust, liquid or foam.

2. Tim-bor is prevents and controls drywood termites,
wood decay fungi, carpenter ants, old house borers and
powderpost beetles.

3. Tim-bor provides a long lasting residual protection against
targeted pests.

Timbor Insecticide

With its active ingredient being a natural borate mineral salt, Tim-bor is now one of America's most popular products for pest control. It protects your beautiful wood from wood destroying pests while it offers a lasting protection.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Tim-Bor Professional

  • Use Tim-Bor as a Liquid, Dust, or Foam
  • Will Not Stain or Discolor Wood Surfaces
  • Odorless
  • Use Tim-Bor for Both Indoor Control and Outdoor Control
  • Environment Friendly, Economical and Effective

Tim-bor Termiticide & Fungicide

Tim-bor is a trusted product by many homes in America today and is one of the most popular products for wood destroying pests. Tim-Bor's contents are made from a water soluble borate powder and can be applied to the infested area as a dust, foam, or a liquid. It is a multi-purpose pesticide that is used as a wood preservative, insecticide, or fungicide and targets more than just one pest including carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, drywood termites, and fungi. Tim-Bor's active ingredient is Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate, which is a natural borate salt mineral. Borates have been used for at least 300 years to target a variety of pests and is known to be a safer alternative than other synthetic, chemical based products. Borates will soak directly into the wood, therefore making its a fast and highly effective product. Timbor insecticide is virtually odorless, does not stain wood surfaces, does not corrode screws, nails, and other materials that are used for construction, making Tim-Bor the perfect product for both interior and exterior use.